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Our Niagara Falls Windshield Replacement Process

Step 1: Call Us

Call or email our team to receive free no-obligation quote. We can only physically visit your location to determine the best service and price for your needs.

Step 2: Service

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we can begin replacing your windshield. We are happy to come directly to you and replace the windshield right in your driveway. 

Step 3: Enjoy The New Windshield!

Your vehicle will look like brand new and be much safer to drive with a professionally installed windshield.

Replacement of a car windshield is often needed when it’s been struck by debris or other objects. This can be anything from small rocks to tree branches, so if your windshield has any cracks stemming from these kinds of impacts then you should have them replaced immediately.

When the damage occurs directly in front of the driver making their view obstructed beyond repair people will need a replacement right away. If there are only chips and no obstructions then repairs may be an option depending on size, depth, location along the glass surface etc. Call us today for more information about our services and how we can help get you back on track ASAP!

We pride ourselves in timely and professional work so you can always look forward to high-quality windshield replacement services with our team.

Unfortunately, because of the way windshields are designed to break into small pieces in an accident, it makes replacement very difficult. When a side window shatters from an object flying through it or when a rock is kicked up from another car and hits your glass at high speeds there could be multiple chips in addition to one large crack. This means that you will need a new windshield for full coverage and safety so knowing how much the replacement costs before going through with any repair work may save time later on down the line. Ask us today about our auto glass pricing!

Our services always come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed which includes not only top notch workmanship but also competitive prices compared against other local competitors out.

It is not recommended to drive with a broken windshield. If you must drive with a broken windshield, it is recommended to use your car’s defroster and turn on the heater. This will help prevent further damage from occurring while driving since having cold glass in extreme temperatures can lead to cracks forming faster than normal or even additional chips that weaken the integrity of your window.

Moreover, it isn’t safe to drive if there are multiple small chips and/or one larger crack because this means you need a new windshield for full coverage and safety so knowing how much the replacement costs before going through any repairs may save time later on down the line.

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