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Our Niagara Falls Window Tinting Process

Step 1: Call Us

Give us a call at +1 289 990 3091 and tell us about your window tinting needs. We’ll happily offer you a free quote and more information.

Step 2: Tinting

Once you’ve dropped your car off at the shop, our team of professionals will begin tinting the windows and be finished in no-time.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Enjoy the new window tint that will give you more privacy and improve the appearance of your vehicle!

A window tint is a thin layer of film that blocks out harmful UV rays and keeps your home or vehicle cool.

What does it mean to have window tint on my car?  Window tints are an easy way to protect your vehicle with just one application! It reduces glare, prevents damage from the sun’s heat, makes driving more comfortable in hot weather, adds privacy for you and passengers while keeping outside noise at bay. So sit back & enjoy the drive knowing that you’re protecting yourself, loved ones & valuables against damaging ultraviolet radiation every time they ride along with you.

The first step in window tinting is the preparation. The windows must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that no residue is left behind after the application. Once they are clean, a film of some sort will then be applied from top to bottom using a squeegee. After it’s been applied and all air bubbles have been removed, heat will need to be used in order for the tint glue stick down onto the window so it doesn’t peel off over time!

This entire process takes around an hour or two depending on how many car windows you would like tinted. The more complicated your window set up is (like having extra features such as rain sensors), the longer it may take since there is more work involved with removing parts of your windshield wipers before applying the new glass tint.

There are many benefits of tinting your windows. For example, if you have kids that can’t seem to keep their hands off the windows while your driving down the highway at 80 miles per hour. Or maybe you just want a little more privacy when going into a store and don’t feel like people looking in on all of your business.

Window tinting will help protect from UV rays which could cause damage to furniture or worse.

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