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Our Niagara Falls Custom Headliner Process

Step 1: Call Us

Call us at +1 289 990 3091 and tell us about what type of headliner you would like installed.

Step 2: Installation

Our team of experts will bring your dream to life by installing a custom headliner.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Have fun with your vehicle’s new custom headliner!

Custom headliners replace the original headliner in your vehicle to give it a new look and feel. Our custom headliners are made of a high-quality material that will protect your vehicle from sun damage and add insulation to the inside. You can also purchase a headliner and our team will install it on your behalf.

Our custom headliners are the perfect way to change up your vehicle and give it a new look. They also prevent sun damage and will protect both you and your passengers from harm as well as enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any car.

Our installation process is quick and easy. We can get your new headliner installed within 24 hours depending on how many our clients we’re servicing at the time.

We start by removing the old headliner with a razor blade to ensure there are no damage left behind. We then measure for exact fabric and order it so that we have enough time before installing your new custom headliner .

Our installers come out on site, warm up the adhesive backing of your new headliner ,remove protective strips from either side, apply it to your car’s roof in its entirety, line up all seams perfectly, allow 24 hours for drying process, peel off application tape, inspect work thoroughly & lastly clean vehicle inside and outside ensuring everything is perfect.

The next day you will want to crack open the windows allowing moisture build-up escape as well as flip down rear window visors allowing them to dry.

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